Our Story

We promise to serve only the highest quality food and treat everyone like family!

Larry White grew up in Cynthiana. His family opened the first Pizza restaurant in town in 1973. The restaurant was hugely popular and was the place to be!  The family sold the business in 1995 and Larry moved away. 

 Larry met Michelle Faulconer , who came from an Air Force family  that settled in Paris. The two began to work together. Well!

 The past 15 years they spent working at a large casual dining chain. The chain grew and they felt it lost it's values of great food and taking care of their people.

They decided to open their own restaurant . One that focused on "Great food"  in a place where they treated  their guests and team members like family. That is where the name Jake's comes from. Michelle has a son named Josh. Larry has a daughter named Ashley and Michelle has daughters named Kimberly and E​lizabeth and a    

S​on named Matthew. That is how Jake's was created, by family for families!